Access to Customer Data

Customers' Access to their Data

As all data is stored in the customer's Microsoft 365, they have full access to their data 24/7.

2nd Party Access to Data

Under normal operational circumstances, EUM Product Development and Support Staff (2nd party) will never access the Customer's data. 

Support staff will, from time to time, require access to the Customer’s data when investigating an issue reported by the Customer. 

Access to all production systems is always controlled and supervised by our IT & Security Team and only allowed from a compliant company-managed device and multifactor authentication. A number of options exist for clients to control EUM access to their data:

  • To ensure just-in-time access only to authorized staff, clients can enable Privileged Identity Management (PIM) | Microsoft Security on EUM accounts in their tenant.
  • Clients can also enable and disable login for EUM accounts in their tenant, either through Microsoft Entra ID or through EUM Admin itself.

All staff have signed our Confidentiality Agreement. 

3rd Party Access to Data

3rd party is defined as anyone that is not the Customer or EUM Product Development or Support Staff. Examples of 3rd parties are EUM Professional Services, EUM Partners, or other trusted external specialists hired by the Customer. 

If required, Customers can provide 3rd party access to Customer Data in EUM. As this data exists in the Customer's Microsoft 365 tenant it falls under their access policies.

Microsoft Access to Data

Ensuring security in the processing of Customer data stored and shared via the Microsoft Cloud is critical to Microsoft. Read more about how Microsoft handles data in the cloud in Data Protection with Microsoft Privacy Principles | Microsoft Trust Center