Data Deletion and Media Sanitation

What happens to your data if you leave the service? 

As described in Personal Data and Data Storage, all Customer data is stored within the Customer's own Microsoft 365 tenant. Any data deletion is the responsibility of the Customer within their own Microsoft 365 tenant.

The only exception to the above is any configuration and logging data stored in the hosted processing service. It is EUM’s responsibility to permanently destroy the Customer Data upon Customer’s request, with special emphasis on destroying all data in the scope in all locations and ensure all copies have been discarded. 

EUM shall at its own discretion determine data destruction schedules but shall wherever possible perform such destruction in accordance with the Customers' requested timetable.

Data Deletion & Retention Period 

When the EUM subscription ends, Customer Data will be deleted after 90 days from the EUM Azure Subscription. The data will still be available on the backup to a maximum of 35 days after which time the data will be completely unobtainable. 

Data Deletion on Physical Storage Devices on Azure 

Due to EUM being built on Microsoft Azure as a Software as a Service solution, EUM doesn’t have physical access to wipe and destroy media used for storing Customer Data on Azure which follows Microsoft guidelines below. 

Data-bearing device destruction - Microsoft Service Assurance | Microsoft Learn