itgroove Becomes an Extranet User Manager Solution Provider Partner

itgroove and eum partnership

Mississauga, November 19, 2018 - As Extranet User Manager continues to gain recognition as the premier extranet solution for both SharePoint On-Premises and SharePoint Online/Office 365, partners are proactively engaging with us to deliver the best possible solutions to their clients.

itgroove is a fellow Canadian-based Microsoft partner from Victoria, BC. They hold a Gold designation in Cloud Productivity, and a Silver designation in Collaboration and Content as well as Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions. With their proven experience in the Microsoft space, especially around SharePoint and Office 365, it only made sense to partner with EUM to enhance the out-of-the-box external sharing capabilities of SharePoint.

This is a mutual partnership and EUM is excited to announce that we are now a Masthead partner. Masthead is a global navigation solution created by itgroove Studios, a division of itgroove. As a SharePoint consultancy, itgroove understands the importance of user experience and navigation. Masthead is the product of this experience, and aims to strike a balance of elegant branding while staying true to Microsoft's philosophy of "stay out of our way" when customizing SharePoint Online.

The EUM team is thrilled to welcome itgroove into its Partner Channel and we look forward to proactively building out solutions for clients together. This past September we ran a webinar trilogy with Masthead and tyGraph. Check out itgroove's webinar on site provisioning and integration with Masthead global navigation here.

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