Managing Onboarding With Your LMS365 License

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Are you struggling to manage your LMS365 external users? Do you need to simplify onboarding external learners?

Extranet User Manager works closely with LMS365 to provide a simplified user and administrator experience within your LMS365 learning management system. LMS365 has valuable learning tools for external users. However, changing interface and limited IT capabilities leaves external users and managers struggling to use LMS365 efficiently. EUM compliments your LMS365 license by creating a seamless user onboarding experience that transforms your learning management system.

Simplify LMS365 Onboarding

Every interaction with your LMS365 begins with onboarding, and EUM simplifies this experience for both administrators and external users. Our customizable user onboarding tool makes onboarding to your LMS365 license easy for users and administrators within your organization. You can easily send out user invites to sign up or have users self-register for your LMS. With either option, external users have a seamless experience onboarding into your system. For administrators, EUM removes the technological complexity of Azure and allows you to get users signed up easily without IT intervention.

Boost User Adoption & Accelerate Learning

LMS platforms are an important source of information and learning materials for external users, however, their effectiveness relies on user adoption. The interface in Azure and LMS365 can be difficult to navigate for administrators without a background in IT. This can delay or prevent external user onboarding making it difficult for users to gain access to necessary learning materials. EUM helps your administrators easily give access to your LMS365 license without a complicated sign-up process. When external users have a seamless experience your LMS will have increased user adoption and learning outcomes while reducing the time from onboarding to learning.

Customize User Learning Path Access

When sharing learning materials with external users, not all users require access to all the information available under your LMS365 license. With EUM, you can easily customize user access to keep your training materials secure and ensure your users have access to the information they need. This tailoring ensures that every external user gets the right training at the right time.

Seamless Integration with LMS365

LMS365 is the only learning management system that is built into Microsoft 365. This allows you to access learning anytime using your Microsoft 365 License. Our integration with LMS365 allows you to leverage the power of LMS365 without any added complexity. With our integration, you can provide a cohesive and intuitive learning experience for all of your external users.

EUM & LMS365 Empower Managers and Administrators

Administrator controls for your LMS365 license are essential to effectively manage users. With EUM, you can easily delegate administrator roles to internal employees to free up your time without compromising security. We make onboarding easy for your team members by managing administrator controls. We offer both invite-only registration and self-registration options for LMS365 so that you can customize your onboarding to your administrative needs.

Making learning and training accessible to external users is an essential part of our digital world. EUM makes this possible with simple user onboarding for LMS365. EUM is more than just a tool; we help create a seamless user experience. We elevate your LMS365 license by creating easy onboarding for administrators and external users increasing the adoption of your training materials and empowering your administrators.

Interested in learning how you can benefit from simplified external user onboarding for your LMS365? Book a demo with us below!

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